We are an international company dedicated to promoting the C.E.A.

LP Chile is a subsidiary of LP Corp, a world-class company, leader in OSB technology, dedicated to the manufacture of products for the construction of houses. We are a trusted supplier that offers a wide variety of specialized products, focused on delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs and improve the quality of life of its customers.

LP, Louisiana Pacific Corporation, was born in 1972 in the United States, as part of a division of the Georgia Pacific company. Its headquarters were in Portland, Oregon, moving in 2004 to Nashville, Tennesse, where it is located today. LP pioneered the production of oriented flake boards, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) in the world.

With 24 production plants in the United States, Canada, Chile and Brazil, LP Corp is one of the world’s largest producers of OSB and exports to five continents. In Chile, since 2000 it has promoted the most used housing construction system in developed countries and with which 90% of homes are built in the United States and Canada, called the Frame Building System, or dry layer construction, and which in Chile has been called CEA for allowing an Energetic Asismic Construction, and which has the advantages of being faster, cheaper, durable, versatile, resistant to earthquakes, and more energy efficient and sustainable.

LP Chile was legally born as a subsidiary in 1999, beginning with the construction of the Panguipulli plant, the first OSB plant in South America that began operations in 2001. In 2007 the Lautaro plant was incorporated. In 2008, a third plant was added in Brazil, totaling between an annual production capacity of 680,000 m3 of OSB and derived products. The Panguipulli 2 plant is added to them in 2019, adding another 160,000 m3 of products per year in the first stage. .


Ingeniería en Madera

Estamos constantemente desarrollando productos que cumplen con las necesidades de la construcción de viviendas con altos estándares a una escala de producción de nivel mundial.

Nuestro principal producto es el tablero estructural OSB y un diverso conjunto de productos basados en la ingeniería de la madera, que resuelven la mayoría de los requerimientos en la construcción de viviendas.

Construya más inteligente, mejor, más rápido y de manera más eficiente.

Con nuestros productos de alto rendimiento de ingeniería exclusiva, encontrará que estamos superando la industria cuando se trata de proporcionar soluciones de construcción duraderas y confiables. Nuestros productos están diseñados de manera innovadora para resistir las condiciones más difíciles, cumplir y ser instalados fácilmente por usted.

En LP hay más para nosotros que los productos que hacemos. Somos los líderes en tecnologías garantizadas en ingeniería de la madera, líderes en la industria y somos empleados dedicados a servir a nuestros clientes. Trabaja con nosotros para tomar el futuro y construir con tus propias manos.